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1415 NW Savier St
Portland, OR, 97209
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Magnum Opus (mag'num o'pus)

1. An especially great work of art or literature; a masterpiece
2. A person's greatest work or understanding

For over forty years Magnum Opus has been making people look and feel beautiful. It is who we are, it is what we is our passion. We are consistently training with world class educators which makes us the best educated staff in the Northwest. Our training schedule is the most comprehensive of it's kind and it guarantees that when you come to our salon your expectations will be exceeded. It is our promise to you.


The cornerstone of our history and success as a salon is our continued commitment to education. Every member of our team has received and continues to receive extensive advanced training from world-class educators. It is our way of being able to provide you with the hair you want…every time you visit us.


At Magnum Opus we not only believe in teamwork…we live it, everyday. By being a team focused salon, it insures that every time you visit our salon your needs will always come first.